Welcome to the home page of your ShopFactory website

Here you will find your website and shop, once you have published your site with ShopFactory.

To publish your shop, 'Activate Total Care' in ShopFactory by entering the user name and password we have emailed to you. You can then publish your shop simply by clicking on the Publish button in ShopFactory.

As soon as you have activated ShopFactory Total Care, you will have access to free support, free hosting, free online order management and many other services. You can then also receive orders.

Don't have ShopFactory yet? Click here to find out more.

* I want to use my own internet Address

If you don't like this automatically assigned internet address for your Website, you can change it when you register ShopFactory Total Care.

You can then also direct your own domain name to your website.

** I want to use my own server or hosting provider

No Problem. Just change the publishing settings in ShopFactory, and you can host your ShopFactory website wherever you want.